New Era

From a civillian to an army.Tough life to deal with.Full with disipline..respect..punctual..Smart?. ^_^ but still i`m enjoying my life . but as a freelancer photoG. ..nothing could stop be taking photos.
now its year 2010, kira2 dlm masa 8 bulan lah NO-UPDATE FROM ME.but thanks to this little girl name Nadzirah Anati yg updatekn my blog time ku rekrut =) ur the best but still the lame -_- haha..chill ;)
so im back to school,currently studying at MTSSR ,intake PD/AIR/28 in aircraft department.Few steps lgi kn jadi seorang Jurutera X) n mudahan jua lancar pass dlm semua ujian.amiin.
this is dont play silly with weapon.haha.

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