free CB to this person..

Congratulation kip ! u urself have win a free voucher 5$ coffee bean .~...mcm,nnti chill ada tu..ayte..

back to February..

sungguh ini lambat...tapi ,saya mengucapkn bnyk2 terima kasih to the president of Advt.Ptem ..c Zureen AR -_-" ...yg sudi menjemput kmi..
as usual..if sorang turun ke event,mesti ramai punya datang ~..
macam apa....macam amateur dah kn...c kaka pun nmpk usul kawin dah.haha... ^_^ macam apa....haha..nice (y)

Air. Department Photo session =)

ND2 -Airframe 2010
ND2-Avionic 2010 PnD.Air.2010 ND1 AVIONIC 2010 ND1 AIRFRAME 2010
Them ,us ,we ,the students and teachers. ^_^

New Era

From a civillian to an army.Tough life to deal with.Full with disipline..respect..punctual..Smart?. ^_^ but still i`m enjoying my life . but as a freelancer photoG. ..nothing could stop be taking photos.
now its year 2010, kira2 dlm masa 8 bulan lah NO-UPDATE FROM ME.but thanks to this little girl name Nadzirah Anati yg updatekn my blog time ku rekrut =) ur the best but still the lame -_- haha..chill ;)
so im back to school,currently studying at MTSSR ,intake PD/AIR/28 in aircraft department.Few steps lgi kn jadi seorang Jurutera X) n mudahan jua lancar pass dlm semua ujian.amiin.
this is dont play silly with weapon.haha.

dua ribu sepuluh.

Assalamualaikum~ Saya COMEL, bestie si Azri (as you all have known, maybe..) I'm back with this kinda feeling kan update this blog. behabuk banar blog si soulja boy ani~ hahaha.
So SAD banar that Azri inda balik masa 31st dec, and don't have a chance to celebrate newyear with his family and with us, his friends. gara-gara pasal floating thingy!!!! -_-" but hey no worries, he's gonne be FREE soon. Azri tamat recruit this JANUARY, 22nd =) so, inda lagi lama lah, around less than 3 more weeks to go~ yeayyy!! =D WE ARE SO CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOU TO BE OUT FROM THAT SO-CALLED JAIL? hahaha. Nahh, aku sendiri very excited and very happy when you're free nanti and masuk MTSSR =) Back to school yea? It sucks or what zri? haha.
See, 6months is just like 6days!! (tia karangggg!!!) Kau tamat soon!!! (majal aku ah -_-") what i expect (when u're out nanti) from you is... you're still the old azri ar BUT with more good in both personalities and attitude, and highly dicipline and independent. okay? As i told you in million and billion of times, KAMI DI SINI SUPPORT KAU!!! (anw, aku kan buat trade mark kamu asgai ahh, tapi lupaku apa. haha) is it, ummm "alum sakit, alum lagi mati tu wanggg" yakah? hahaha. whatever it is, AJA AJA FIGHTING!!
Bah atu saja kali, we the viva5A loves and misses you. And i am so very missing you! =( come back soon yeaa. Muah muah* Take care bestie. We hope u gonna be just fine di sana. AMIN~
His bestie Nadzirah @ Comel Much loves, Mwahugs*

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